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Fertilizing your grass on a regular basis is important to the health of your lawn. Your grass is a living ecosystem and it needs to be fed. Dr. Green uses a specially formatted premium fertilizer that is phosphorous free. Here’s what it will do:

  • fertilizerThe nitrogen content in our fertilizer allows the lawn to green up while the potassium component assists in the strengthening of the lawn’s root system. A healthy and established root system will allow for strong turf that will naturally crowd out weeds and crabgrass while increasing the lawn’s resistance to insect infestations and turf diseases. Our fertilizer will supply all of the nutrients needed for the development of a thick and healthy lawn.
  • Our fertilizer is designed to release slowly and as a result will continuously feed the lawn for up to 5 weeks, without any risk of burning.
  • Many store bought fertilizers are a quick release meaning your lawn looks great for two weeks and then it is starving for more nutrients. Our fertilizers are meant to last!

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We use a combination of premium liquid and granular fertilizers to ensure superior color and health of your lawn.

The best weed control products get the best weed control results ... We guarantee it.

Annual aeration is an integral part of your lawn care program to increase root development, relieve compaction, and let your lawn breathe!

Our tree and shrub program will properly fertilize and protect against common insects and diseases threatening your homes landscape investment.

We also do lawn seeding, lawn insect control, power raking, nuisance pest prevention and lawn fungus control.


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