1. 3 Ways Our Lawn Maintenance Service Will Make You Happier

    Having an awesome lawn is one of life’s small pleasures and luckily for you, Dr. Green’s lawn maintenance service can provide you with the beautiful yard you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re in need of a little lawn care for your home, we believe that we can help to make you just a bit happi…Read More

  2. Do You Have Animals Digging For Grubs In Your Yard?

    Are Animals Digging For Grubs In Your Yard? If you are one of the unlucky homeowners that woke up to find animals were digging up your lawn this spring you are not alone. Every spring thousands of homeowners face this exact same problem. Raccoon's, skunks, birds and other animals will dig into your…Read More

  3. Lawn Treatment Service You Can Count On

    At Dr. Green, we believe that great lawn care doesn’t have to be difficult. So many people stress themselves out all summer long, toiling away in order to make their lawns the best they can be. Did you know, however, that you could be spending a lot less time on lawn care and lot more time doing …Read More

  4. Why Dealing with Your Lawn’s Weeds Now is a Great Idea

    “Those weeds were pretty bad last year...but I suppose I’ll wait until spring to take care of them before summer rolls around.” If that sounds like something you’ve said, now is the ideal time to hire Dr. Green for our weed control service. The fact of the matter is that no one likes a lawn…Read More

  5. How to Decorate For Maximum Curb Appeal

    Whatever your reason for wanting the best looking lawn on the block, you can put your trust in the lawn care services of Dr. Green to make sure that the best looking lawn is exactly what you get. There’s something that’s truly wonderful about pulling up to your house and nodding in silent appre…Read More

  6. 3 Reasons You Should Hire a Lawn Care Service This Spring

    Everybody dreams of having a nice lawn that’s lush and thick and green. Whether that dream is because they’ve always desired to own a picturesque home that’s surrounded by grass or simply because they want to own the home that’s the envy of everyone in the neighborhood, the fact remains tha…Read More

  7. Leave the Lawn Care to Us

    One of the thing that sets Dr. Green apart from other lawn care companies is the fact that we’ve been in business for over three decades. In that time, we’ve worked on a number of lawns in a lot of different places around the country and our expertise in dealing with any lawn care situation has…Read More

  8. Weed Control and Dr. Green Go Hand in Hand

    You know that at Dr. Green, we take lawn care incredibly seriously and for us, one of the most important aspects of lawn care is weed control. But what does that mean for your lawn? Our goal is to provide our customers with incredible lawns that are the envy of the entire block. A front yard that…Read More

  9. Why Choose Dr. Green Services?

    As a family owned and operated business that has been taking care of customers since 1986, we know what it takes to keep your lawn thick, green and weed-free. Here are just a few reasons to choose Dr. Green Services as your lawn care provider: Price for life Guarantee For a limited time, your price…Read More

  10. Dr. Green Knows Texas Lawns

    The three most important factors in caring for lawns in Dallas are the selection and timing of pre-emergent weed control products, the quality of fertilizers being used, and technician training for each grass type. Pre-emergent Weed Control All Dr. Green programs come with two essential pre-emergen…Read More