1. Dr. Green Knows Texas Lawns

    The three most important factors in caring for lawns in Texas are the selection and timing of pre-emergent weed control products, the quality of fertilizers being used, and technician training for each grass type. Pre-emergent Weed Control: All Dr. Green programs come with two essential pre-emergent…Read More

  2. How can I tell if I have grubs in my lawn?

    Knowing if you have Grubs is not has hard as you think! Grubs are one of the worst problems you can have in your lawn because grub problems can spread rapidly and before you have time to deal with them its too late. In actual fact, its not always the grubs themselves that cause the most problems, it…Read More

  3. Best Lawn Fertilizer Practices

    Lawn Care Tips You Can Count On Proper Fertilization Techniques: A thick, green, weed free lawn starts with proper fertilizing practices. Use Slow Release Granular Fertilizer: Using slow release granular fertilizers are best because they provide timed release that feeds the lawn evenly over a 3-5 w…Read More

  4. Gray Snow Mold in Lawns

    Gray Snow Mold: Gray snow mold is a common lawn care problem in the spring time. Snow mold is a disease that takes place in the spring when the snow melts. It is a result of excess moisture in lawns that are not strong enough to fight off fungus.         Symptoms: As you can see in the pictu…Read More

  5. Over-Seeding Before Winter

    Winter Seeding If you have been reading this blog post consistently you will know one common theme that keeps coming up: a healthy spring lawn starts in the fall. A lawn is just like anything else in that it wears out over time. Whether it is caused by boot traffic, adverse weather conditions, or la…Read More

  6. A Healthy Lawn in Spring Starts in the Fall

    As we get late into the fall, most people are thinking about the holidays. As we can see in this picture above, families are usually busy decorating their home for Christmas. However, being the lawn care nerds that we are at Dr. Green, we are actually busy preparing our lawn for the spring. Yes tha…Read More

  7. Fall Weed Control in Dallas

    Fall Weed Control in Dallas: Fall weed control is very important to maintaining our Dallas lawns because it is a great time to clean up the remaining summer weeds and it is also the perfect time to apply pre-emergent's to prevent cool season (fall and winter weeds). Above is a picture of dallisgrass…Read More

  8. Fall Weed Control

    Fall Weed Control: Fall is a great time to clean up the lawn and get a jump on next year's weed control. Every fall there are important things we can do to eliminate the weeds that grow in summer and take steps to preventing weeds from growing in the lawn next spring. Controlling summer weeds: Commo…Read More

  9. How do I prepare my lawn for winter?

    How can we prepare our lawn for winter? This is a common lawn care question that is often asked by home owners as we approach winter. Below is a list of the important steps every homeowner should take each fall as they prepare their lawn to withstand a long, harsh winter: 1. Fall Aeration:  Being t…Read More

  10. Grassy Weeds (Junk Grass)

    What are Grassy Weeds?Grassy weeds are "unwanted grass types" that grow in home lawns. They are actually grass but since they are of a different variety than the lawn they are invading, we call them weeds. For example, if you have bermuda grass but you get some patches of crabgrass or dallisgrass, t…Read More