1. Seeding Tips

    1.) Add Top Soil and/or Perform a Core Aeration: In order for seed to germinate (grow) it needs to have soil contact. The two ways to achieve soil contact are to either apply top soil to the lawn or to have your lawn aerated before each seeding. An aeration is a process in which plugs are pulled f…Read More

  2. Common Pests in Ornamental Plants

    Most Common Pests in Ornamental Plants: Part of maintaining a healthy landscape is to monitor for insect activity. First of all it should be noted that many insects are either helpful or neutral to a plants ecosystem, so you should not fret at the first sight of insects in or around your trees and s…Read More

  3. Year Round Weed Control in Texas

    If you are struggling with weeds in Texas you are not alone. Texas is a wonderful place because we have some of the best weather in the USA, but it is much harder to control weeds in Texas because we have unique weather patterns that are favorable to weeds. Before we can talk about how to get the be…Read More

  4. 3 Strong and Stunning Plants For Texans To Consider This Spring

    3 Strong and Stunning Plants for Texans to Consider this Spring Now that spring is basically here, its time for us to consider which plants we should choose for our landscapes. The key of course is to find stunning plants that are suitable for our beautiful Texas weather so that we know they will th…Read More

  5. How to Take Care of Bermuda Grass

    Bermuda grass is a warm season, fine textured grass that performs well in warm weather conditions. Bermuda grass is a great choice for lawns that are exposed to full sun because it is very durable, drought resistant and insect resistant. One weakness of Bermuda grass is that it does not perform well…Read More

  6. Plant of the week – [Yucca Gloriosa]

    Yucca Gloriosa   Yucca gloriosa is an evergreen shrub. The plant is known to grow to heights above 5 m (16 feet). It is caulescent, usually with several stems arising from the base, the base thickening in adult specimens. The long narrow leaves are straight and very stiff, growing to 30–50…Read More

  7. What are all the bumps in my lawn from?

    What are all the bumps in my lawn from? This is a question we often hear from our customers. Bumps in the lawn is often a sign of earthworm activity which is a good thing for you and your lawn. Earthworms tend to eat through the soil and eliminate behind themselves as they go. The eliminations are c…Read More

  8. Tree and Shrub Care

    When the Trees and Shrubs on your property grow lush and beautiful they greatly enhance the appeal and value of your home. Additionally, when your Trees and Shrubs become weak, thin, damaged or diseased they can be very costly to replace. With Dr. Green’s Tree and Shrub service  you will greatly …Read More

  9. Tree and Shrub Care in Illinois

    Tree and Shrub Care Most homeowners are aware that caring for their lawn is a necessary step to ensuring a healthy landscape. As such most homeowners either purchase their own lawn care products from Lowes or Home Depot or call service providers such as Trugreen or Dr. Green to do their lawn. Howeve…Read More

  10. Dr. Green Technician Saves Customer

      Barbara R, Fort Worth, TX   In today's blog, we take a look at what a lawn care expert from Dr. Green brought to the attention of a customer in Texas! I want to bring to your attention the extraordinary service we received from our Dr. Green lawn care technician, Mr. Kristofer Arnold. Today Mr. …Read More