Thank you for your interest in Dr. Green Services.

Of the three plans listed below, we usually recommend our Very Best Treatment Plan. Your price for this program is $53.00 per visit but if you prepay your per visit price will be $50.00.

Dr. Green is currently offering FREE Grub Control ($120 value), a price for life guarantee and a 5% discount to all prepaid Very Best Treatment Plan and Ultimate Treatment Plan customers. This is a limited time offer.

Services Offered
Healthy Plan Very Best Plan Ultimate Plan
Season Long Customized Fertilizer
s1 s2 s3
Pre and Post Emergent Season Long Weed Control
s1 s2 s3
Treatment of all Grassy Weeds and Sedges (includes Dallisgrass)
s1 s2 s3
Service Calls
s1 s2 s3
FREE Grub Control ($120 value)
s2 s3
Core Aeration
Deep Root Tree and Shrub Feeding (twice)
Season Long Insect and Disease Treatments for Trees and Shrubs s3
Monthly Monitoring of all Trees and Shrubs s3
Guaranteed Results s1 s2 s3
Price for Life Guarantee & Prepay Discount
s1 s2 s3

Thank you for the opportunity to quote you on your lawn care needs. With over 30 years in business and a great guarantee we know we are the team you can trust. We know Dallas lawns.