very-bestDr. Green’s Very Best Treatment Plan *BEST VALUE AND MOST POPLUAR PLAN!

Dr. Green’s Very Best Treatment Plan is our best and most popular plan. This program is guaranteed to give your lawn the correct amount of fertilizer, weed control, insect control and seasonal checkups it needs to stay green and healthy all season long. In our Very Best Treatment Plan you will receive:

  • Season Long Customized Fertilizations from Spring to Fall
  • Season Long Guaranteed Weed Control Services
  • Monitoring and Treatment of Surface Insects
  • Free Service Calls
  • Lawn Checkup on Every Visit
  • Guaranteed Results
  • …… AND MORE!!!!!!!

Dr. Green’s Healthy Treatment Plan:

Dr. Green’s Healthy Treatment Plan is a great lawn care maintenance plan for customers who already have a healthy lawn to begin with. This will keep your lawn fed and your weeds treated all season long.

  • Season Long Customized Fertilizations from Spring to Fall
  • Season Long Guaranteed Weed Control Services
  • One Free Service Call
  • Lawn Checkup on every visit

Dr. Green’s Tree and Shrub Plan:

Dr. Green’s Tree and Shrub Plan will properly fertilize and protect your landscape against common insects and diseases threatening your homes landscape investment. This plan is guaranteed to leave your trees and shrubs beautiful, lush and vibrant all season long.

  • Deep Root Tree and Shrub Feedings in Spring and Fall to Keep Landscape Looking Beautiful and Lush
  • Insect and Disease Treatments to Protect Landscape from a Variety of Infestations (*only available in certain regions)
  • Regular Inspections Throughout the Season
  • Free Tree and Shrub Service Calls Upon Request
  • ……..AND MORE!

tree-and-shrub-care123-134Tree and Shrub Care

Dr. Green Services offers a wide variety of tree and shrub care services that are all customized to give you a vibrant, lush, and beautiful landscape. We customize our tree and shrub services to ensure your landscape has the nutrients it needs as well to ensure it is protected from insects and diseases.

fert154134524Certified Technicians

At Dr. Green Services we understand that our service is only as good as our front line technicians which is why we take great pride in their training. We are very proud of the technicians who work for us because we know they are qualified and motivated to give our customers the best lawns possible.

grassGuaranteed Results

At Dr. Green we pride ourselves on being a quality tree and shrub care service. It is always our goal to put the customer first and for this reason any service we provide to you is fully guaranteed. If you are ever unsatisfied we will reapply any service free of charge.