Benefits of a Healthy Lawn:

Having a nice green healthy yard is great because it enhances the curb appear of our homes and it gives us a sense of pride. This is the main reason why many homeowners have a lawn service in the first place. What most people don’t realize however, is that healthy turf contributes many other amazing benefits to our landscapes, our health and to our environment.

10 Lessor Known Benefits Provided by Healthy Lawns: 

1. Healthy lawns prevent runoff and provide erosion control

2. Healthy lawns absorb pollutants from the air and replaces them with fresh oxygen

3. Healthy lawns trap dirt and dust making our air cleaner to breathe

4. Healthy lawns reduce noise by over 25%

5. Healthy lawns (weed-free) lawns prevent the spread of allergies

6. Healthy lawns increase property values

7. Healthy lawns cool our landscapes by reducing ground temperatures

8. Healthy lawns are safer for our children and pets to play on because they are softer

9. Healthy lawns reduce sports injuries on playing fields

10. Healthy lawns look great and make us feel great

Check out this great video done by BASF:

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