Barbara R,
Fort Worth, TX

Doctor Green Tech saves customer


In today’s blog, we take a look at what a lawn care expert from Dr. Green brought to the attention of a customer in Texas!

I want to bring to your attention the extraordinary service we received from our Dr. Green lawn care technician, Mr. Kristofer Arnold.

Today Mr. Arnold showed up to apply our pre-emergent. He stopped at the front door to let me know he was here to apply the application, I thanked him and he went to work treating our lawn. After he was done he came back to the door and told me that he was smelling gas around the side of our house and thought it was coming from our gas meter. I walked out with him and he verified again that it was our meter not our neighbor’s. He suggested we have someone look at it right away.

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I went inside, called our gas service and they sent a technician out right away. Sure enough, we had a leak at the meter. What makes this even more dramatic is I don’t have a sense of smell so I had no way to know that there was a leak.

My husband and I can’t thank Mr. Arnold enough for taking the time to warn us about the problem. Mr. Arnold doesn’t know us but he cared about us and our safety, he could have just walked away and not reported a thing, but he didn’t.

Thank you Mr. Arnold, we are so grateful for alerting us to this potentially very dangerous situation, for being a true professional, and for caring. Thank you, you showed us that high quality, professional customer service still exists. We hope you will continue to be our service technician for a long time to come.