Goosegrass is a grassy weed that is quite common in north Texas. Goosegrass looks a little bit like crabgrass in that it grows in chunks and is often found in bare spots. The leaves on Goosegrass may be folded and have fewer hairs than other grasses and Goosegrass has a stronger root system than some other grassy weeds, which makes it a little harder to control.

Lawn Care and Goosegrass: A Primer

The best way to control Goosegrass is through a proper agronomic schedule coupled with effective watering and cutting strategies. A well watered lawn that is cut weekly and fertilized properly will choke out the Goosegrass or at least prevent it from spreading. As far as control methods go, there are several products available that can control this grassy weed. It is always recommended to read the label before applying any herbicide to ensure that the product will control that particular weed and also to ensure it is applied correctly. 

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