Fungus_in_lawns.jpgFrisco Lawns Susceptible to Fungus Issues

Due to the large amount of rain we experienced last year and the flooding that took place, we are expecting issues with fungus in Frisco lawns this year. If you have Bermuda grass you will be less likely to have a fungus problem, but if you have St. Augustine then its highly likely you will have fungus in the lawn. Regardless of your turf type you should be on alert because Frisco received record amounts of rain last year and when the rain sits on the lawn for too long, spores can form leading to fungus problems.

How to tell if you have a fungus problem?

If you notice that the lawn looks dead or damaged all of a sudden when it comes out of dormancy or if you notice round patches of brown grass in the middle of green grass, then a fungus problem is likely. If you are not sure how to tell if its an insect problem and not a fungus problem you can look at the grass blades and try to find brown or black lesions on the grass blade or rotting on the crown or root of the grass. Another tell tale sign is when some of the turf has a bit of an orange look to it and it seems overly moist.

If you suspect you have a fungus problem it is highly recommend to call a professional lawn care service in Frisco right away as these problems are not hard to deal with if caught quickly, however they can spread fast and can be difficult to repair if left to spread.

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