Lawn Aeration In Alberta

In Alberta we have a very arid climate and that means that lawns get very hard and compacted in the summer. When lawns get compacted it puts strain on the lawns root system. This is because grass roots need to take in nutrients, water and oxygen from the soil but when the soil is too compact these nutrients cannot flow freely in the soil. Lawn aeration helps reduce this pressure on the roots by removing core plugs of soil and thatch so that these nutrients can make it down to the roots. In addition to this, when you remove core plugs from the ground the remaining soil beneath the ground will loosen up and fill those holes back up and the result is that the soil more spread out (less compact).

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Lawn Aeration: Spring or Fall?

Many people ask us when is the best time to aerate the lawn? The truth is that both spring and fall are very good for aerating and neither time is better than the other. The reason spring and fall are better than summer for aerating is because we get more moisture and overcast weather. This means that the soil is softer and the machine can remove a bigger core plug. In the summer the lawn gets very hard and dry and even the strong aeration machine cannot penetrate it to remove the plug. Theoretically, if a lawn was very well watered and the soil remained soft you could even aerate in the summer.

Lawn Aeration and Over Seeding

If you are planning to aerate your lawn this season consider doing over seeding as well. Over seeding after a lawn aeration is great because the grass seed falls into  the holes left behind by the aeration service and this creates immediate soil contact. Soil contact combined with water is all seeds need to thrive.

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Prefer to leave the lawn care to the professionals? Click here to get a free quote now.