For the absolute best lawn care, look no further than Dr. Green. We offer a number of different lawn maintenance services so ensure that your lawn will be the best looking lawn in the neighborhood that all of your neighbors will be jealous of. Trust us when we say that they’ll be green with envy (but they still won’t be as green as your lawn!).

In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at a couple of the different services we offer as part of our lawn care package that ensures that your yard gets the treatment it needs to look its best.

Need a few reasons why you should care about how your lawn looks? Check out our previous blog to see three things you’ll enjoy just a little bit more when you hire our lawn care team to take care of your yard!

Need more reason to get a free quote from Dr. Green? Keep reading to learn about all of the lawn care services we offer!


Our Lawn Care Services

At Dr. Green, our goal is to provide comprehensive lawn care to all of our customers. If there’s a way to make your lawn even better, you can count on us to offer it!

High Quality Lawn Fertilizer

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to make sure it’s fertilized at the right time with the right amount of fertilizer. Not sure when that is? Not to worry, because Dr. Green’s lawn care services have you covered. We use the finest fertilizers available and space our treatments out over the course of the year to ensure that you have nutrient-rich grass and a strong, healthy root system. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Weed Control You Can Count On

We have over three decades of weed control experience and we have to say that in that time, we’ve gotten pretty good at showing lawn weeds who’s boss. It starts with our treatment which has been proven to be effective at getting rid of weeds for good. From there, we can share our insider tips and tricks about how you should cut your lawn, the best times to water, and anything else that sets you up for success when it comes to weed control.

Aeration is Crucial to Good Lawn Care

When is the last time you aerated your lawn? Over time, the soil in your yard gets compacted which can lead to a whole host of issues. It doesn’t allow water to get where it needs to get, it doesn’t allow your lawn with room to breathe, and it can even invite in pests that make keeping your lawn looking good a huge chore. If you’re in need of aeration as part of your lawn care regimen, look to Dr. Green for help.

Trees and Shrubs That Look Good

It would be a crime to have a beautiful lawn and ugly trees and shrubs, wouldn’t it? That’s why part of our lawn care services include giving attention to your trees and shrubs. They are, after all, like the icing on your lawn’s cake. Or something like that. You get the point! Either way, if keeping your landscape rich with nutrients matters to you, ask us about our tree and shrub care services!

Everything Else That’s Related to Lawn Care

From seeding your lawn to helping you deal with pesky insects, funguses, and anything else that threatens the health of your beautiful yard, put your trust in Dr. Green. No matter what your goal is in regards to lawn care, we’re here to help.

Contact the Lawn Care Pros Today!

At Dr. Green, our goal is to provide you with a happy, healthy lawn that you and your family can enjoy. If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with getting a thick, green, luscious lawn, you can leave it to us, resting securely in the knowledge that we guarantee our work. That’s right. If you’re not satisfied with something that we do, just let us know, because we’ll come back and make sure that it’s done to your satisfaction.

We’ve been in business for over three decades and we want you to know that when we say we care about lawn care, that’s exactly what we mean. Our team of certified lawn care technicians is here for you when you need help with chinch bugs, crabgrass, or anything else.

Perhaps best of all, we have a “dare to compare pricing policy” which means that if you find a reputable company that’s offering the same services we do, but charging less, we’ll gladly match that price. It’s a win/win situation for you and it ensures that you get lawn care services from the best lawn maintenance company on the planet. The doctor is in, so get your free quote today!