Most peomowing.jpgple make the mistake of cutting the lawn too short. Always maintain a cutting height of 2.5 – 3 inches. To achieve this height simply place a ruler in your lawn and adjust the cutting deck on your lawn mower as required. The longer the grass is above the ground, the deeper the root system will grow below the ground.

A strong root system will make the lawn more resistant to insects and weeds whereas shorter grass with a shallow root system can be affected easily by these pests.

Lawn Care and Your Mower Blade

Also be sure to sharpen your mower blade twice a year to avoid ripping and tearing the grass as this may lead to turf diseases that are difficult to control. Ensuring you have proper lawn maintenance is key to a quality lawn.

Make sure that you always follow the 1/3 rule. Never cut off more then one third of the grass blade at any given time. This will stress the lawn. As well, with regular and frequent cutting, there is no need to bag the grass clippings. These clippings will release valuable nutrients and moisture back into the soil as they decompose.

Looking for a change? Adjust the pattern in which you cut (vertical, horizontal and diagonal). This will allow the grass to grow more evenly, as well as create a different design in your lawn every week.

Rather Leave the Lawn Care to Us?

At Dr. Green, we have the skills you need to make sure that your lawn is the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. If you’d prefer letting an expert lawn care company handle the finer points of lawn maintenance, we’d be happy to help.

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