1.) Add Top Soil and/or Perform a Core Aeration: In order for seed to germinate (grow) it needs to have soil contact. The two ways to achieve soil contact are to either apply top soil to the lawn or to have your lawn aerated before each seeding. An aeration is a process in which plugs are pulled from the lawn in order to reduce soil compaction and air circulation. The reason this can help with seeding is that the seeds are capable of reaching the exposed soil which allows for germination.

2.) Seed in the spring or fall: Seeding in the spring or fall is best because air temperatures are cooler and moisture levels are higher. Cool season grasses such as perennial rye grass, Kentucky bluegrass and fescue (which are all common in Alberta) really perform well during these conditions. Another benefit of spring and fall seeding is that it tends to rain more which cuts down on the watering requirements.
3.) Know your grass type: Ryegrass and fescue do a little better in in shade and Kentucky bluegrass performs well is full sun. If you have a typical lawn with some sun and some shade like most people do in Alberta, you are probably safe to get a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial rye grass and fescue. This variety will ensure that each are of the lawn can germinate well. When selecting grass seed be sure to know the source because some varieties of grass seed can come with weed seeds and this will lead to major weed problems. Never buy the least expensive seed!
4.) Water regularly until seeds grow: once grass seed has been applied be sure to water every day for 30 minutes for at least 2 weeks. If you stick to this watering plan you will find that seeds will start to germinate after 7 to 10 days. At around the 14 day point you will really know that the seeds are growing well. If you notice that some areas are still bare or thin, apply some more top soil and then gently add more grass seed again to help fill in these areas. 

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