Calgary’s mild winter and the effect on your grass:

We’ve all enjoyed this mild winter here in Calgary! But what does that mean for your lawn? Well for starters you lawn hasn’t had to endure the harsh compaction of all the ice and snow. This means that this spring we should see less pink and grey snow mold and your lawn will be able to come out of winter dormancy faster.

When is the right time to apply that spring fertilizer?

Even though it is likely you can see your entire lawn right now, it definitely isn’t the right time to fertilize just yet because even though we don’t want to admit it, we are likely to see at least one more snowfall before the end of the winter. The other reason is that with the constant freeze and thaw cycle that is occurring every night right now, your lawn will be tricked into thinking it should come out of dormancy even though its best for the lawn to remain dormant in case we get more freezing temperatures. The earliest that you should consider fertilizing this year is early April. At this time we are getting a little more stable night time temperatures and the turf is more likely to start to come out of winter dormancy. We typically see more rain in April and this will help to get your fertilizer application watered in.

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