very-bestHave you seeded your lawn yet?

Overseeding a lawn can help improve its overall health and appearance. Simply explained, lawn overseeding is a process of spreading grass seed over the already existing turf. Generally, overseeding is best for larger areas where the turf is thin, but not bare. Smaller areas that are thin or infested with weeds can be spot seeded.

The benefits of overseeding a lawn include:

  • Filling in areas of turf damaged by summer stress, diseases or insects
  • Thickening and increasing the density of thin lawns
  • Improving the lawn’s appearance
  • Enhancing the lawn’s ability to fight insects and diseases

very-bestDid you Know?

Lawn overseeding is good for lawns that suffer from drought stress, insect or disease damage, or that show other evidences of decline, such as bare patches. Overseeding a lawn with newer, improved types of turfgrass is often the best way to thicken the lawn and improve its health and appearance. The new turfgrass is better able to resist damage from drought, turfgrass diseases and lawn damaging insects.

In general, lawn overseeding is most beneficial to cool-season grasses like fescue, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. But certain types of warm-season grasses can benefit from overseeding, too, especially in the winter when they go dormant.

Lawn overseeding can be effective by itself, but it is often combined with lawn aeration. After a lawn aerator pulls cores of soil from the lawn, the seed is then applied using a rotary or drop seeder. For even coverage, the seed is divided into equal lots and each lot is spread in different directions.

There’s a good reason for combining overseeding with aeration. The holes created by the aeration process allow good seed-to-soil contact. This adds seed germination. Once the seed germinates, the seedlings must be kept moist with light frequent watering until they are established.

If you think lawn overseeding is right for you, contact a certified specialist at TruGreen® by calling 866.688.6722 or by visiting After a detailed analysis of your lawn, a TruGreen specialist can recommend a reseeding technique to improve the overall health of your lawn.

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