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Here at Dr. Green Services we pride ourselves on our ability to research and only use the best products on the Market to care for your Landscapes. This is extra evident when it comes to our grass seed and application methods. Our Dr. Green Certified grass seed blends come from the top grass seed producers in the world right here in North America to ensure they can survive our tough Canadian climates.

All of our blends are made up of at least 3 different varieties of grass seed. This helps to diversify your lawn to resists different stresses that can occur throughout the season.

  1. Perennial ryegrass is a grass seed that germinates very quickly to allow us to fill in those bare spots fast to discourage weeds like clover and dandelions to fill them in faster. Perennial ryegrass is a great variety of seed to help the lawn with wear tolerance. This blend will stand up to harsh foot traffic from the kids and pets on your lawn.
  2. Kentucky Blue Grass is one of the other grass varieties that we use. This is the most desirable variety of turf as it has the best colour and comfort to touch. The problem is that it can take up to 6 weeks to germinate. Kentucky blue grass is the most aggressive seed once it germinates as it will fill in and take over the lawn very quickly. This is why we use perennial rye grass to grow in quickly and them a month or so after our Kentucky blue grass will take over and really thicken up the lawn.
  3. Creeping Red Fescue is our last variety that we use in our blends, this variety is great for areas where shade might occur as it has great low light or shade tolerance. Fescues are also much more tolerant to insect infestations. Insects like chinch bugs are not fans of eating this variety so having some in your lawn is great.

very-bestOnly The Best

We are continuing to always educate ourselves on the best varieties of seed to use as technology changes. Last fall we started to test a new variety of Kentucky blue grass that germinates in 5 days (not 6 weeks) and the results blew the doors off so we will be adding this to our toolbox this fall to help to get you the best lawn on the block!

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