Researchers have Shown that West Nile has Made its Way Back to Ontario…

Several news outlets have been reporting that “Ontario is on the cusp of another West Nile virus epidemic” and they are saying that we’re in a Perfect Storm of Conditions. The summer is coming to a close and most people tend not to think about mosquitoes when the cooler weather approaches; However, it is important to remember that the food source for mosquitoes, birds mainly, have gone so they turn to the next best food source…. US!

Medical Researcher of Brock University, Fiona Hunter, has stated that “although the swarms of mosquitoes that plagued people during the spring have died off, the late summer is the most important time for people to protect themselves” … Read more

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Helpful DIY Tips to Protect Against Mosquitoes

  • Remove any standing water from the property (i.e. bird baths, dog bowls, kids toys/pools etc.)
  • Repair any areas on the property with poor drainage with weeping tile that drains away from the affected area.
  • Wear long shirts and pants when outdoors during dusk and in the early evening.
  • Maintain regular cutting of your lawn, trees and shrubs to reduce breeding areas for mosquitoes.