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Quality Lawn Fertilizer:

The key an effective lawn fertilizing program is selecting the right fertilizer, knowing the best time to apply it to the lawn, and spreading the treatments evenly throughout the season. The reason why we believe we are the best lawn care company is because we do all three of these things very well. At Dr. Green Services we only use the highest quality fertilizer products available and we space each treatment out using a sophisticated scheduling system so that your grass will receive the exact right amount of nutrients at the right time of year. This is how we ensure your lawns root system is strong and healthy all season long. For a thicker, greener, weed free lawn you can trust Dr. Green.

Guaranteed Weed Control:

Dr. Green Services has been helping home owners achieve weed free lawns since 1985. Our approach to weed control is using a combination of preventative and control measures. First of all, we will prevent and choke out weeds from the lawn naturally using our high quality lawn fertilizer treatment schedule. Second of all, our professionally trained lawn technicians will coach you on the best ways to cut, water and seed your lawn. And third of all we will apply our highly effective weed control products on every visit to ensure that any existing weeds are eliminated by our treatment plan. For a thicker, greener lawn guaranteed you can trust Dr. Green.

Lawn Aeration:

Aerating is the process of removing core plugs from the lawn so that air, water, and nutrients can access the lawns root system. It is one of the best things you can do for your lawn and is recommended yearly in spring or fall because it is a great way to keep the lawns root system strong and healthy, as it will encourage a younger more vigorous root system allowing your lawn to take up more water and nutrients. Seeding with aeration is especially recommended to lawns that have bare or thin areas as the seeds will get to the soil where they are needed to germinate.

Tree and Shrub Care:

A beautiful landscape is not possible without lush and vibrant trees and shrubs. Dr. Green offers a complete range of tree and shrub care services all designed to keep your landscape looking pristine all season long. For a lush and beautiful landscape that is rich with essential nutrients and free of damaging insects and diseases, call Dr. Green today.

More Services:

In addition to providing lawn fertilizing, weed control services, aerating and tree and shrub care, Dr. Green also offers a wide range of other lawn care services including: lawn seeding, insect control, fungus control and moreā€¦

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