3 Strong and Stunning Plants for Texans to Consider this Spring

Now that spring is basically here, its time for us to consider which plants we should choose for our landscapes. The key of course is to find stunning plants that are suitable for our beautiful Texas weather so that we know they will thrive. Below are 3 of the most stunning and most suitable plants to consider for your landscape this spring:

1. Belinda’s Dream Rose:


Belinda’s Dream Rose is is a fast growing shrub with bluish-green foliage and a pink blossom. Blooms occur in spring and fall and are very lush and vibrant. These shrubs can be planted in spring or fall in well drained soil. These plants will grow high in alkaline soil clay soils. This plant is occasionally attacked by black spot during the cool season but is usually hardy enough to overcome it.

2. Blue Princess Verbena:


The Blue Princess Verbena is a perennial that reveals beautiful round bundles of lavender blue flowers. It can be used in a basket, in a perennial garden or in a container and it is also best planted in spring. To maintain this plant it is best to shear periodically after spring and before fall, plant in full sun in well drained soil.

3. John Fanick Perennial Phlox:


John Fanick perennial phlox produces masses of light pink flowers. This perennial is also heat and drought resistant making it perfect for our Texas heat. One added benefit of the John Fanick Perennial Phlox is that it is more disease resistant than the Victoria phlox, however avoid overhead watering with salty water. Plans should be spaced 24-36 inches apart, they also grow to be 24-36 tall and are best planted in the spring.

Planting season is finally upon us so it is time to get over to our local garden centers to find us some real Texas winners. You cannot go wrong with any of these 3 plants as they are strong, stunning and perfectly suited for our Texas climate.