The two most important factors in caring for lawns in Ontario are the selection and timing of weed control products and the quality of fertilizers being used.

Weed Control

At Dr. Green our approach to controlling weeds is to ensure that you have a thick, healthy lawn, that is capable of choking out weeds naturally. This is why we put all our customers on a proper fertilization regimen and recommend over-seeding yearly. However, we also know this is only half the battle. The other thing we do at Dr. Green is we use the best natural weed control products available and we apply them on every visit after the first visit. We are on your lawn more so we can keep on top of the weeds all season long.

Quality Fertilizers

Not all fertilizers are created equally. In fact, fertilizer is sold by weight so many fertilizers are made with unnecessary filler materials. At Dr. Green, we have our own custom made fertilizer produced solely for us and we use a very high grade blend. We use two Uflexx fertilizers per year per customer. Uflexx is an extremely high quality blend of fertilizer that slowly releases nutrients to the root system for long periods of time. This gives your lawn the balance and consistency it needs to stay green.

We have been offering guaranteed lawn care services for over 30 years so you know you can trust us.

With more weed control visits and the best fertilizer available, Dr. Green has the right prescription for your lawn!

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