The three most important factors in caring for lawns in Texas are the selection and timing of pre-emergent weed control products, the quality of fertilizers being used, and technician training for each grass type.

Pre-emergent Weed Control:

All Dr. Green programs come with two essential pre-emergent weed control treatments. We apply these applications in the spring and in the fall. We also use Specticle which is the gold standard as far as pre-emergent’s go. If watered in, these treatments will dramatically reduce your weeds all season long.

Quality Fertilizers

In Texas we do not have very good soil for laying sod. Our soil is often sandy, rocky, thin and it lacks a lot of the essential micro nutrients needed to maintain healthy turf. The two things we do at Dr. Green to combat these factors are we add micro-nutrient packs to many of our fertilizer treatments. These micro-nutrient packs are supplements that amend the soil to make growing conditions favorable. We also use two Uflexx fertilizers per year per customer. Uflexx is an extremely high quality blend of fertilizer that slowly releases nutrients to the root system for long periods of time. This gives your lawn the balance and consistency it needs to stay green.

Technician Training:

Technician training is critical in Texas because we have hundreds of different weed varieties, we have 4 diverse growing seasons, and we have different grass types that each require different products. You can rest assured that all Dr. Green technicians are thoroughly trained to handle any type of issue with your lawn.

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