Dr. Green’s 2017 Price For Life Guarantee Offer *limited time offer

At Dr. Green we believe in providing the best value we can to our customers. For a limited time only, we are offering a price for life guarantee to all of our customers. Any current and new Dr. Green customer will have the regular price of their program locked in for as long as they remain an active Dr. Green customer in the future. To get a sense of how good this deal is just think about the cost of a lawn care program in 1986 when we started our business which as only $69 for the entire year.

Why Do Lawn Care Prices Rise Over Time?

Lawn care prices are very dependent on the cost of fertilizer, the cost of oil, the cost of insurance, the cost of rent and the cost of labor. Since all these costs gradually increase with time, we need to gradually increase pricing to keep pace. However, for a limited time only in 2017, we are promising to all our customers that we will never raise their prices for as long as they remain a customer, keep current with their account and do not cancel service.