Why Lawn Care and Lawn Mower Maintenance Go Hand in Hand

Important Lawn Cutting and Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips:


Everyone loves a nice, thick, healthy lawn, which is why many people hire lawn care companies every year to treat their grass. Hiring a professional to care for the lawn is certainly a great idea, but there is not much point in doing that if you do not maintain proper cutting and watering habits as well. In this article we will focus on how to ensure you have the best lawn cutting practices, as proper lawn cutting is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lawn.

Frequency and Cutting Height:


It is very important to mow your grass regularly, preferably once per week at the same time every week. Consistent mowing will ensure that the lawn looks nice and uniform and it will also allow for good nutrient flow. In addition to this, it is very important not to cut the lawn too low. The appropriate cutting height is 2.5” – 3” high. Cutting the lawn lower than this will cut off the nutrient supply to the plant and will also reduce natural shade in the lawn that prevents the roots from drying out too quick. Proper grass height is the key to good lawn care! Finally, be sure to never mow off more than 1/3 of the height of the lawn at one time. This is known as the 1/3rd rule and it is important because cutting off too much of the blade at one time will shock the roots and reduce photosynthesis.

Sharpen your Mower Blade: 


If you have a dull mower blade your lawn mower will tear the grass instead of giving it a clean cut. It’s sort of like cutting your hair with rusty dull scissors; the hair gets pulled to the point where it even hurts. Dull mower blades are responsible for dying lawns every year because once the plant sustains injury it becomes more susceptible to insect and disease. Keeping the mower blade sharp by having the blade sharpened once a year will ensure the grass is cut with precision and ease and it will reduce stress on the grass. Being sure that your blade is sharp enough is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your own lawn care efforts see maximum results.

Additional Maintenance:


1. Change your oil and spark plug at least once a season. When the spark plug gets wet, dirty, or oily it can cause the engine to cut in and out. A clean spark plug will ensure engine starts better and runs more smoothly.

2. If you have a pull cord to start your lawn mower, don’t pull on it in a hard and jerky motion. If you start pulling the cord gently and increase pulling pressure as you pull the cord back you are less likely to snap the cord. If you do snap the cord, you will need to unscrew the coil and replace it will a new pull cord before putting it back on.

3. Finally if you have screws and bolts on your lawn mower, just run a screw driver and/or a ratchet over them to ensure they are tight at all times. This is something that can be done every few weeks to ensure everything stays in its place.

4. Finally, always use premium gas in your mower. The lower octane gas is much harder on a 4 stroke engine so spend a few extra dollars to extend the life of your engine.

Following these simple steps will ensure your lawn stays nice and green and your lawn mower will last a few extra years!!!!!

Looking for more lawn care tips?

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