Did you know that doing your own lawn care costs more than having a professional company do it for you? That’s right! Wow face emoji.

Well its true!

Dr. Green researched the prices of three competitors in the lawncare service industry for the same size property and the average price and the three prices were: $385, $371, and $406. We then went online to price out the average cost of a spreader ($212.99), 2 bags of fertilizer ($58.30), 2 bottles of weed control ($74.98) and we calculated labor time at $20 per hour ($120).

According to this analysis, the cost of doing your own lawn yields an average cost of $466.20 while the average cost of hiring a professional to treat an average sized home is only $387.33.

Why is this so?

1. Professionals already have the necessary equipment for lawn care, so there is less equipment cost.

2. In our case, Dr. Green has hundreds of customers in your area, so travel costs are reduced.

3. We purchase high quality products in large volumes so our product costs are much less.

4. Professional lawn care technicians do the job with repetition so they can perform the task in less time than you can.


Whether you choose Dr. Green Services or any of our competitors it just makes more sense to use a professional. It costs less, the products are better, and the lawn care technicians are trained.