Tree and Shrub Care

Most homeowners are aware that caring for their lawn is a necessary step to ensuring a healthy landscape. As such most homeowners either purchase their own lawn care products from Lowes or Home Depot or call service providers such as Trugreen or Dr. Green to do their lawn. However, most people don’t realize that Trees and Shrubs need care too. In fact, just like green lawns, Trees and Shrubs need yearly fertilization, as well as regular treatments of insect and disease control to remain healthy as well. If you want a bright, beautiful, and full landscape hire a professional to follow  these  steps for your Trees and Shrubs this year:

1. Apply dormant oil: to your trees and shrubs to avoid damage from spider mites and scale. Dormant oils are especially useful on fruit trees and many shrubs. Dormant oils should be applied before budding occurs or prior to spring growth. In Dallas/Fort Worth 2 dormant oils are recommended each year.

2. Apply deep root fertilization using an injection system in the spring and the fall. Deep root fertilizer should be applied around all your ornamental trees and shrubs. For best results, it is recommended to apply the injection 1 to 1.5 feet deep and each injection should be done. Each injection should be approximately 36 inches apart around the tree or shrub.

3. Apply 2 to 3 insect and disease sprays. Foliage sprays as well as drenches may be beneficial depending on your landscape. During the spring and summer months your trees and shrubs become prey to many chewing, sucking, and boring insects as well as to viruses and fungal diseases. Applying protestants and control products will help ensure your trees and shrubs stay protected all season long.