Weed Control Made Easy:

Every spring homeowners fret about undertaking the back breaking activity of pulling weeds. The worst part about this activity is that for every weed that is picked, 3 or 4 more grow in its place. Understanding why weeds grow and following some simple steps can ensure that you have a weed free lawn this season.

Why do weeds grow in lawns?

Weeds compete for space in lawns which is why bare or thin lawns always have more weeds than thick and healthy lawns.

Controlling weeds in lawns:

There are two ways to control weeds in lawns (preventative and curative). There are two types of preventative weed control (cultural habits and pre-emergent herbicides). Most places do not allow for pre-emergent herbicides so cultural habits is the best way to prevent weeds. The best cultural practices in fertilizing, cutting, watering, and seeding will prevent most weeds from every growing in the first place. This is because a thick, healthy, lawn will prevent most weeds.

In terms of curative control of weeds, the best time to spray for weeds is in May, June and August. This is because weeds tend to germinate most in those months.  A good weed control practice for any company is to also spray the weeds no matter what time of year it is.

For a weed free lawn this year focus on the right cultural practices (cutting, watering, seeding and fertilizing) to choke out weeds and spraying weeds at the right time of year to control them once they grow.

Leave the Weed Control to Us

At Dr. Green, our goal is to make lawn care easy for you. From weed control to aerating to anything else, we strive to provide our customers with lawns that will make them the envy of all of their neighbors.

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