Pre-Emergent Weed Control In Dallas
What Are Pre-Emergent’s?

A pre-emergent weed control treatment is an application meant to prevent weeds from growing in a certain area of the lawn and it is a crucial aspect of yard maintenance. The goal of the treatment is reduce the ability for weeds to germinate so that less weeds actually grow in the lawn. The way most pre-emergent products work is that when they are applied to the lawn and watered in they form a barrier above the soil profile that prevents weeds from growing through it. The effectiveness of this treatment depends on the product being used, the timing of the treatment, and whether or not it has been watered in after.

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Product Selection:

There are a few different pre-emergent weed control products available on the market. They range in price as well as in what weeds they prevent. Our product of choice (at the time of this writing) is Specticle which is produced by Bayer. We like Specticle because it appears to have the broadest spectrum of weeds that it covers and it also has some post-emergent weed control effects as well. What this means is that it not only prevents weeds from growing, but it also controls some weeds that have already germinated. Although Specticle is higher in cost it is worth it in the end because it prevents more weeds and reduces future costs.

Timing Of Treatment:

The best time to apply pre-emergent’s in the Dallas area is in January/February and also in September. The January/February treatment will prevent weeds from growing from January to June and the September application will prevent weeds from September to January.

Watering Instructions:

On both treatments it is critical to water the product in as it is water activated. The way the product works is that the water mixes with the product and forms a solution that acts as a barrier. This barrier stops weeds from growing through.


Even though pre-emergent weed control products are very good, there is only so much that you should expect from them. Typically we like to say that pre-emergents (when watered in) will prevent around 75% of all weeds from growing through. For this reason it is unreasonable to think that by applying pre-emergents one will not need to apply additional weed control applications. Also, when applying pre-emergent’s we recommend avoiding any bare or thin areas in the lawn because the pre-emergent’s will prevent those areas from thickening up. It is also important to note that you should not do any lawn seeding or lawn sodding after applying pre-emergents because the products will prevent seedlings from growing and sod from rooting.

Prefer to leave weed control to the pros? Dr. Green can help! Click here to get a free quote today.